Client Services

For Production Clients

We Are Dialed In!

As your local experts, we are selective in choosing our vendor partners. This ensures our productions enjoy only the best of the best “film friendly” services.


I Needed It Yesterday

Our highest demand is for hotel accommodations.  Through our vast vendor network, our clients can also gain access to the following services at our exclusive rates: private housing, rental cars, car services, real estate services, massage therapists, private trainers, private chefs, nannies, dog walkers, cryotherapy, spa services, salon services, party planning, and much more.

Money Talks

Using feedback from you on your budget requirements we negotiate the best rates possible. We leverage our long term vendor relationships and booking volume to keep the rates low.


Early Bird Special

Often we secure complimentary hotel rooms, vehicles and meals for early scout visits. Our partners are happy to provide these perks to help win your business.


Let Us Do The Dirty Work

Lets face it – Reservation changes are inevitable and hotel billing for large groups is…challenging.

  • Our vendor relationships allow for flexibility with reservation changes, cancellations, and no shows.
  • We collect folios from the hotels, carefully audit them for accuracy, then send them to production for processing.

The Scout Cooler is Packed!

We offer hotel tours to help busy production decision makers see the available options in person.

All Day Every Day

Our experienced on-call staff carefully manage and track all reservations from beginning to end.  We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The VIP Hookup

Our partners love rolling out the red carpet for you and are happy to give you access to our great perks  – including amenities, upgrades, special requests, private meeting spaces, etc.